SHOWING UP: a conversation about the audition

A Conversation About The Audition
"Finally, a documentary about auditioning." -
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Educator's Edition DVD

Colleges and libraries can now order the Educator's Edition of SHOWING UP. This Two-Disc DVD includes the full 80-minute film and over 90 minutes of extended interviews.
SHOWING UP’s modular format, made up of 16 chapters, allows for segmental viewing during classroom time.
For purchase order inquiries or to arrange for the filmmakers to visit your school please contact Licenses and Policies

Special Edition DVD

This Two-Disc set includes the full 83-minute feature film and more than 90 minutes of extended interviews with the cast. Licenses and Policies

Special Edition DVD
$19.99 plus shipping and handling


SHOWING UP is a part of the curriculum or collections at Colleges and Universities including, Princeton, Brown, NYU, Carnegie Mellon and Northwestern.

Past Screenings

SAG-AFTRA Pittsburgh
Equity Foundation Australia & NZ
ATHE Conference
SAG Foundation NY
SAG Foundation LA
The Juilliard School
NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Special Screening at the Ojai Film Festival